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I'm David Zubick, the Chief Instructor and operator of Racing Adventures. I ensure that each and every program is designed to meet your expectations. Seeing that these programs are an extraordinary experience for you is my job - a job that I have been enjoying for over twenty years in both the United States and Canada.

My background includes a highly successful professional racing career in everything from sedans to formula cars as well as a relevant and extensive university education. These factors blended together mean fun and a great racing school education for you and you associates!

David Zubick

Along with the racing school, the racetrack(GrandSport Speedway) and motorsport country clubs(The American Performance Drivers Club at Willow Springs) I spend time working in the television and movie industry as a precision driver. You have seen me driving on TV at some point I gaurentee it! In addition, my university education in the sport sciences and in sport and industrial psychology allows me to plan your program for your maximum benefit. At Racing Adventures we do not teach our racing school the way people have been teaching for the last 40 years like some of the other schools. We mix up our programs and tweak them regularly to teach you the way that you learn, the way you will have fun, and the way you will experience the most personal success! You will find that many of the professional drivers you see on TV today were or are products of my coaching efforts. You will also find many of the fortune 500 CEO's and their teams have also experienced and enjoyed the fun and education we have to offer.

Our staff of professional coaches/drivers are not only accomplished racers but also excellent communicators. They are highly trained to watch your every move on the track and help you reach your goals when it comes to fun and entertainment in high performance cars on the racetrack and on the street. I believe that all the major schools offer excellent programs. With this in mind, I want you to know why our school is different. If you want to be the next professional racing superstar, we probably aren't the school for you unless you work with us privately. We really focus on the person that wants to learn about all the high performance/racecar driving skills like the other schools teach, but in our fun environment with no pressure from our staff or other students. Our instructors are there to facilitate not agitate, while you learn at your own rate. No one on our staff is going to put you in an uncomfortable situation in a car or in front of the rest of the class to make a point or scare you into doing something you don't want to do!

I like to think of our school as a motorsport country club type in its environment, in its style, maturity and in its presentation. Unlike most other schools, at Racing Adventures you will be lapping the full track at your own pace, by yourself in a real racecar on the first day! We are regularly complemented by students who have been to other programs that we provide more 'in car' track time than most other schools - not just 8 laps like some of the exotic or oval programs, but a full day of fun. Our formers students also compliment us by returning often! You will be worn out from driving, not from crawling in and out of car window, a tiny racecar or from a long-winded classroom presentation! We want you out on the track where we can facilitate your fun and learning - in the seat - just where you want to be!

We are so sure of our product that if you can look me in the eye at days end and tell me you didn't learn something or have a great time in our cars we would be glad to return the cost of your school program!

Now that's a guarantee! Please remember, we can't control the weather!

You are going to have a great time learning about racecar driving.

We guarantee it!

Call now to schedule your Racing Adventure at one of our many locations!

At Racing Adventures we not only have the coolest cars we have the most modern progressive school programs available anywhere for individuals and corporations. As well we have more convenient locations across North America to serve you than any other sports car school!
Our pricing starts at $999 for a full day program to $1899 for two days. You can also use your car in our program for under $400 per day.

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